Newly Diagnosed

If you've just heard those chilling words, "You have Parkinson's Disease," you may be angry, sad, overwhelmed, in shock or all of the above.  The most comforting words I heard shortly after my diagnosis were from a fellow boxer at Rock Steady Boxing who said, "You're going to be ok." The future of people with Parkinson's is looking better than it ever has before.  You can fight back but it takes hard work. You need to start now. Find a good exercise program specifically for people with Parkinson's,  clean up your diet and build a support system. Make sure your doctor is a Movement Disorder Specialist.

You are not in this alone.  Seek out others that have PD and talk to them.  Most that I have met are willing to share their experience.  Learn from them. Research your condition...with caution.  There is a lot of discouraging info out there and you don't need to focus on that. It might never happen to you.  Look into alternative treatments...with caution.  What works for one might or might not work for another.

Focus on the positive.

Oh yeah, did I mention find a good exercise program? It is essential.

 A champion is someone who gets up when he can't.   ~Jack Dempsey

Helpful Information for the Newly Diagnosed

To get started on the basics of living well with Parkinson's, please see the newly diagnosed page on