PD Photog for Hire

Several months back, I applied for disability.  It was a hard decision but I am not longer able to do the work I used to do.  In my previous life (pre-PD), I was a photographer and videographer.  The wonderful people at social security decided that I can still do this work "as normally performed in the national economy."  Really?  It is hard enough to admit that you can't do your job anymore, but to have to defend yourself and admit your frailties to a complete stranger is humiliating.

I have Parkinson's.  I have tremors, rigidity, and  balance issues.  Stress makes all that worse.  How do you think I should advertise my services?

Available for hire:  The PD Photo Gal!

Got a wedding or other special event coming up next year?  The PD Photo Gal has got you covered.  If the shots of the first look, first kiss and father/daughter dance come out blurry due to shaking hands, she will be happy to retake them at another time.

Have a new addition in the family? The PD Photo Gal is happy to capture those special newborn moments.  She can even lull your little one to sleep with her shaking arms.  Do not be alarmed if she tips over when squatting down to get that perfect shot.  Special discount offered if you help her back to her feet.  Extra special discount offered is you rescue the camera before it hits the floor.

Did your team make the finals and you want a highlight video?  The PD Photo Gal is the one for you!  For best results, please be sure to schedule all games according to her meds schedule.

I am appealing the decision made by social security.  While I wait for word, you can find me down at the local social security office looking for my dignity and  putting my business cards on their bulletin board. They think I am well qualified.   I'm sure I can find someone to hire me there.

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  1. Isn’t it ironic that they thought photography would be a good profession for someone with PD! Please keep us posted with your appeal as I’m sure many of us are curious about the process.

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